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Friday, November 9, 2012

Dead Space 3 Preview (Inside Gaming Extended)

A closer look at co-op and weapon building, as well as something even more interesting. How two players co-oping together actually see the story differently because of the "Dementia" mechanic.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dead Space 3: Eudora Gameplay with Commentary

So here's over 15 minutes of Dead Space 3 gameplay withe projects Creative Director and Senior Audio Artist, taking us through the Eudora level.

There really isn't much else to say except "watch this awesome video!" Dead Space 3 keeps looking better and better every freaking day. Can't wait for it.

Edit: I've watched this video like a dozen times and absolutely love it. I was afraid at first after watching the first few videos that the evolution of the game was taking it away too much from the original formula, but it looks like Visceral have got it under control. Why did i even doubt them?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dead Space 3 Interview: Game Mechanics

An interview with Dead Space 3 Executive Producer, Steve Papoutsis on the games mechanics. Including how there won't be any competitive Multipayer - thank god!

After watching I'm actually a little more excited about Dead Space 3 - it kinda sounds like two game experiences in one.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dead Space 3: 20 Minutes of Gameplay Footage

Thoughts on footage:

It looks like something set in the same universe as Dead Space - rather then just a straight out "part 3". If that makes sense >_<

I love the co-op, I really hope it supports local co-op.

Without the horror atmosphere to support it, the gun-play and overall combat looks pretty midcore to be the main focus, like a poor mans Gears of War,  especially when fighting the human baddies, and I know it was just a demo but that was some dumb shit enemy AI.

The quick time events reminded me of Uncharted, as though the Devs were trying to incorporate even more "cinematic experiences" which does not equate to "more action." When will you realize this DEVS!

Hate the universal Ammo idea. I loved having to manage ammo in the previous games, in fact that's how I came to love the Ripper in part one and the javelin gun in part 2, and I saved all my plasma cutter ammo for boss fights.

I also hate how all you pretty much do to take out necros is pump em full of bullets, Strategic dismemberment was a huge selling point for me in Dead Space.

Disappointed with the shift in atmosphere as well, but I think I can learn to love it.

But seriously; local co-op will make me very happy despite all the shitty changes.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

E3 must haves

E3 has let loose a whole mess of games unto us, and I fear my wallet will suffer heavily for it. There were a few titles that caught my attention like Watch Dogs and God of War: Ascension, but from the rubble of tech news and games, two titles have emerged to grab my by the throat and make me beg to play them.

Namely: Naughty Dogs "The Last of Us" and Visceral Games "Dead Space 3"

The Last of Us is a PS3 exclusive that I've actually been hyped about since last year, and getting to see the game play video was awesome and has really upped the hype for the game, totally making my ps3 even more worth it.

I didn't care much for the guy playing the demo though, for a game that tells you survival is all about conserving resources and especially ammo (it being so scarce) the player sure used his gun a lot. In fact he emptied his clip on like 2 guys. Lame

Give it to me - I show you how to play it.

Funny thing is though I've never cared for Naughty Dogs other franchise, the hand holding cinematic experience that is "Uncharted", but the subject matter for Last of us is more appealing to me.

Then we get to Dead Space 3. Regardless of the mixed bag of emotions I have for the game play footage that was released, I'm still gonna play it. The only thing is, when I saw Dead Space 1 - I knew I had get myself a new X360 (as my 1st one was dead at the time) and when I saw Dead Space 2 I knew I had to get it on PC (As my 2nd Xbox was dead by now too >_< )

Cool concept art though, so there is hope!
Looking at Dead Space 3 I'm not a 100% sold yet. I want because it extends the Dead Space universe and I will play whatever I can from the franchise.

I do remember being skeptical about Dead Space 2 as well though. When that game was in development there were talks about it moving the gameplay focus to a more action orientated style, but when more gameplay was revealed and the story details flowed through the game ended up looking and playing better than I could have hoped for.

Either way - these are the two titles that I need to get my hands on, and they are both set for a March, 2013 release so I have time to save up.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dead Space 3 Interview

More details on the "Evolution" of Dead Space as it enters it's third installment, addressing Co-op and new gameplay direction amongst other things.

The Giant Bomb interviewer seems to be on the same page as me as far the previous games go, and he asks a lot of questions that I wanted answered myself.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dead Space 3 Debut Trailer

Holy shit! here it is man - The Dead Space 3 Debut trailer. Let the giddy school girl-ness begin!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dead Space 3!

Okay... I think it's starting.

The official Dead Space site has put up a video. It's a short teaser that looks like a motion comic. Now even though the clip is titled "A graphic novel short", it's not clear if this is a teaser for an up coming Dead Space graphic novel, or if it's a quick teaser for Dead Space 3 made to look like a motion comic.

Either way - it's got me pretty excited because even it is a teaser for a graphic novel, I'm sure it will lead to the events of Dead Space 3.

There has been some info out on DS3 for a while now, but nothing substantial. We know that it is going to be set on a frozen planet, and it's also been mentioned that it will have co-op.

The video on the site, which you can find below, features a new character named John Carver. Will this be Isaac's co-op buddy? If so he looks pretty bad ass, especially with the mad design for his rig. According to the description of the vid John is some kind of security officer, it would be a nice change of pace to play a trained combatant with actual military weapons as opposed to Isaac and his improvised weapons. Though in part 2 Isaac was pretty bad ass himself. In clip John does have some kind of high powered firearm.

The video gives us a glimpse at some crazy looking Necromorphs too, and the frozen setting I'm sure will be a welcome change from the closed halls ways and such of the previous two games.

There's also marker glyphs on the top of the site page, and some have concluded that it might be a timer counting down to something.

 It's all pretty exciting stuff. For all the great games I play and all else any other title may offer - Nothing beats Dead Space for me.

Can't wait to find out more.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lost in Dead Space 2

So earlier this month I got my bloody little hands on Dead Space2, which would have had to be one my most anticipated gaming titles this year.

I had ordered the game through a friends credit card, and it was supposed to be sent to his mailing address, so for about a week I kept bugging him to check his post office box over and over. When it finally arrived, my buddy dropped it off at my office, which was pretty awesome.

This was the beast that I had been waiting for since release and now it was firmly within my grasp!

As soon as I got home I slipped the installation disks in and waited anxiously as the game did it's thing. Surprisingly it took a little bit of time installing the game, so instead of sitting there watching the install bar fill, I put on Pandorum and chilled for a bit.

Then the moment had arrived, the game had installed and I was about to revisit my favorite nightmare.

Right from the start menu I was as giddy as a school girl. The original Dead Space would be number one in my list of top three video games of all time... and playing through the opening moments of Dead Space 2, it was clear that this game was soon to join the ranks. The game looks great, the visuals are just stunning and the art direction (just like the first one) is incredible.

I started my first play through on Zealot which was the hardest difficulty to begin with, and I managed to finish the game in about a week. Needless to say that I played this thing almost religiously every night till the early hours of the morning.

The game experience Dead Space 2 offers is just awesome. It feels like the first game, but with additions and not really changes. I'm sure the Dev team over at Visceral games knew they had a winning formula with the first game, so they simply perfected that formula to create a new yet familiar game play experience.

A lot of this contributes directly to further developing Isaac Clarke as a character. His no longer the engineer who's caught in something that's way over his head, instead his the guy who has lived through this mess before and now his ready for anything. Well... almost anything.

From the way he handles his weapons now, to the more effective melee attacks, all of which checked into place with the uneasy way he looks around when walking. Isaac is fun to navigate around.

Isaac also gets to do a bit of tinkering here and there with machinery and computers to show of a bit of his engineering skills. Every now and then you'll come across something or other that's not working, and you can go through what could be called a very small mini game to fix it. I like the inclusion of the engineering vents here and there too, which Isaac can crawl through to get to otherwise unreachable areas.

Isaac Clarke is so bad-ass this time.

And the weapons... god I love the new weapons.

I think every Dead Space fan loves the trusty ol' Plasma Cutter. But my other favorite weapon would have to be the Ripper. Nothing beats cutting down Necromorphs into little messy bits with a circular saw. And it's also my 'out all the time' weapon that I carry around. It sometime feels like I'm cheating with it, only because I've gotten so good at using it. It cuts through like 3 or so baddies when it's fully upgraded and it saves you a shit load of ammo. And I just the love the mess it creates... and the way the baddies are all like "AARRGGHHH!" as I carve my way through em.

As far as new weapons go, my fave would have to be the Javelin gun. This thing is so much fun to use. It fires a high powered Javelin at baddies which can impale them. Upgraded it's pretty much a one-shot kill on most Necromorphs, but what makes this awesome gun even better is it's alt fire.

Smack the alt fire and it activates this electricity thing on the last javelin that you fired, which starts to electrocute and hold down baddies within it's range. And then when you upgrade this bad boy, the javelin also explodes after the electrocution. This is another gun that makes you feel like you're cheating because it just totally murders anything you come across. In fact, this makes the last boss fight easy as cake.

Speaking of upgrades, there's a lot more options in terms of customizing things this time around, and at anytime you can pay a little fee and even remove upgrade nodes that you've spent and apply them to something else. There are also a number of new rigs that you can put on for varied types of protection and item storage space... These also add different perks to Isaac as well, such as extra weapon damage for a particular weapon or even better hacking skills.

Shop smart...

The zero-gravity areas are a lot more fun now with the added 'flying' upgrade to your rig. In fact, one of my favorite areas in the game is this one place where the gravity is out, and you get to hover through the area floating past dead bodies and ghostly masses of blood moving past you.

It's so eerie.

And that's another awesome thing about the game. This time around there's so much action happening around you, but the game never stops to creep you out.

There's also a number of cool new Necromorphs in the game this time, but my favorite new baddie would have to be the Puker, the design of this things is just so sick.

The Puker

This is a guy with this massive gash running down his front from the neck to the groin, and he spits out this acid thing that not only hurts you, but also slows you down, so his other necromorph buddies can take you out.

The Puker doing it's thing

His also got one of the best kill animations, where he opens up your helmet and spews his sick, vile puke all over your face.

That's how I wanna take out people who piss me off... just hold them down and vomit all over them.


You can check out the video below for the other awesome new Necromorphs too.

As far as objectives go, you do end up fixing a lot of stuff here and there just like the first one, but a lot of it just involves exploring places. No one is telling Isaac what to do this time around, and he kind of decides for himself what to do next.

O and he talks!

That definitely adds a lot more to Isaac. Just seeing his tired, worn out face at the end of the first game made me feel some sort of connection, but hearing him speak his mind instead of just quietly walking around taking orders is awesome.

I must admit that I was a bit iffy about the talking in the beginning, only because I felt without the talking in the first game, Isaac is able to become sort of your avatar in the game, and it's actually you going through all the messes of surviving. But this way you start to value Isaac as a character and not just your toon. I can actually say now that he is pretty bad ass because I know what his thinking when his doing all the crazy things I make him do to survive. So the voice is a great addition.

With all the added new stuff the game felt so fresh to play, and yet it felt very familiar. This was the best thing about the game too me. I wanted more Dead Space 2 and Visceral delivered with added goodies and I thank them so much for it.

I would consider my self a bit of a Visceral fan boy. I actually own all three of their titles now, not counting the ones before the name change, and I feel these guys really share some sort of wave length with me. Cause they make games that I would so definitely play. The only other developer I feel this way about is iD software.

I <3 Visceral

At the moment I'm ripping through Dead Space on the Hardcore setting and it's proving to be a lot of fun. I read online about how Zealot and Hardcore are immensely hard to get through, but I think it sort of depends on what weapons you wanna run with. I've got my trusty Plasma cutter by my side, but my two bad boys, the Ripper and Javelin gun are tearing shit up like mad. For the forth slot I have the line gun which helps a lot on Hardcore.

Well this has certainly been a long post. There's much more that I can think of saying about the game, but it's been out for awhile and you can read up on the details any where online.

In the end I just wanna finish off by saying that Dead Space 2 is awesome, and it was more than anything I could have expected... and that I can't wait to see what the Dev team does next.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Waiting for Dead Space 2: A fanboys journey

When I found out about the first Dead Space, I knew it was something that I absolutely had to play. When I finally got my hands on it, it was clear that Dead Space was going to be one of my favorite games of all time. I played that thing over and over, and it was the first game I got all 1000 points for on my 360.

Before Dead Space my favorite gaming experience was Doom3.

Being a horror and gore fan, plus a sucker for the darker side of sci-fi (Alien, Event Horizon), Doom3 filled a niche for me that was sort of lacking at the time. I played that game to death, and I did a little post a while back which talks about my unholy love for it here.

I had been following Dead Space 2 ever since I heard it was being developed. Just going through some of my posts on it before I started writing this one, I saw that I might have been on the verge of becoming slightly stalker-ish over it.

But the sad thing was, that when the game finally got released earlier this year, I was actually too damn broke to buy it :(

I had sort of fallen in between jobs, and I was running around like a headless Necromporh looking for freelance work, so what little money I was getting at the time, I couldn't just spend it on a game. Even if it was Dead Space 2. Another shitty thing was that my freakin' 360 had died, but Dead Space 2 was coming to PC as well so that wasn't too much of a worry.

With the game being on PC the idea of playing it through other means did cross my mind, but honestly I just could not bring myself to do this. Not to sound like some lame-ass fan boy, but I just loved Dead Space too much (and even the whole Dev-crew behind it) to do that. So some how, I just had to block Dead Space 2 out of my head till I could afford to buy it.

Well as months went by, I still kept following things concerned with the game. I was a fan on the Facebook page for it, and I followed the dev crew on Twitter. I don't know why I did that too my self, because it was total torture. But I wanted to see what was happening with the game that I longed to play. I watched the animated prequel to the game (Dead Space: Aftermath), read the Dead Space: Salvage Graphic Novel and even read the wiki for the Dead Space: martyr novel.

This went on for a while, and I tried to fill the empty void in my heart with other games that I borrowed off friends... but then... after months of the 'free lance' crap...

Finally I scored a job.

I got hired as a Producer at a local TV station, and to slash this already monstrously long story slightly shorter, when I got my first pay... I bought my self Dead Space 2.


It got in on the 12th of this month and it took me about a week to rip through it on Zealot (Two levels above Normal) I wanted to play at the hardest available setting because I figured it would take me longer to finish the game. I'm going through the Hardcore difficulty now... and man is it awesome.

I'll do a write-up on my game-play experience and more soon, but for now let me just say that this baby was well worth the wait.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dead Space hands on gameplay

These Dead Space 2 videos are bleeding out like crazy at E3. Check out this mad one with actual game-play and some tense cinematic moments.

Waiting till the end of Jan next year is going to be so damn hard. I needs me some Dead Space!

The sheer awesomeness of these clips is just awesome!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Isacc Vs the Puker

Got this footage in my email today, the illusion of it being exclusive is nice until you find it on Youtube too :P

But hey... this way I get to share my joy.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dead Space 2: First Gameplay video

Of all the games in all the world right now, nothing else has me by my throat like the impending Dead Space 2. This is the game I would cut of a limb for...

And this morning I woke up to an awesome delight; Dead Space 2 footage that was revealed at E3!

When I saw the vid it gave me chills.

Check out Isaac's new hover move, and the awesome blood splatter effects when you put baddies into stasis.

Will try my darndest to pick up a special edition for this one.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dead Space 2 Website Launched

It seems that the new Dead Space 2 teaser wasn't the only thing Visceral Games was planing to put out on the 29th of April. Yesterday they launched the new website for their upcoming Dead Space 2.

You can grab your self some awesome wallpapers, as well as check out a few cool features such as a "Remember the Ishimura" memorial link to Facebook, which is accompanied by a nice little voice over about the "Event" and a very cool audio log of the salvage crew that picked up Issac after the events of the first Dead Space.

Visit the site here.

Speaking of Issac, check out this hilarious interview with him over at the First Person Observer, where Issac complains the impracticable design of his space rig.

"...building the heath meter on the back of my suit, where I can’t see it, while space-saving and aesthetically pleasing, isn’t exactly useful for me, the guy wearing the suit and wondering how close to death he is."

Don't worry bro... I got your back.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I see Dead Space

Sometime this week Visceral games sent a few packages over to a couple of the game related websites around, and these packages were made up of a letter and an inkblot test pertaining to Dead Space 2.

The interesting thing was, when you turn the lights down, the freaky inks get freakier.

Click pic to enlarge

The guys over at messed around with it a bit and you can see what they did here.

After their pseudo CSI work, they found what appeared to be a coded message. Aside from a few fragmented sentences and set of numbers which differed for each gaming site, there was also a reference to tomorrow's date (29, April)

Well today a teaser trailer for Dead Space 2 was floating around the inter-web, but was suddenly pulled. Rumor has it that it was pulled because someone somewhere jumped the plasma cutter and leaked the trailer early.

It's still up at IGN though, because those guys are freaking hardcore, and that's exactly where I grabbed it from to show you. IGN also has a very extensive article on the artwork and letter that was sent to announce the trailer, going as far as to translate the alien text and everything.

All I can say is: I freaking love Dead Space and I can not wait for part 2.

The glimpses of the new Necromorphs are awesome and that line at the end: “Isaac… we’reall gonna burn for what we did to you.” What's happening there? The trailer just makes me want to rip my brain out and squeeze the juices out of it because the anticipation is killing me.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dead Space 2 promises to be scary

In a recent interview with Patrick Kelpek of G4, Dead Space 2 producers talk about meeting with fans and reveal insight on the up coming game.

But I loved the most about the article was the producers promising that Dead Space 2 is going to "Scare you're pants off."

When asked to elaborate on earlier stories of Dead Space 2 moving more towards an action orientated game rather than the survival horror of the first game, the producers assured G4 that just because Issac will be slightly more capable with the Necromoph horrors, doesn't mean it's going to be any less scary.

Rich Briggs, one of the producers speaking with G4 had this to say:

"... we are still gonna be a horror game, yes, we are still Dead Space, we're gonna scare the pants off you as many times as we can, but Issac's been through this before, so he's a little bit more capable this time around, he's going to have some times where he can actually have an epic moment and it is like a rollercoaster ride. You're going to have those peaks and valleys with both the action and with both the scares and they're not mutually exclusive. You can have a high-octane moment that's also very, very scary. We're looking at a lot of different, sophisticated ways to bring both the action, the terror, and the horror together"

Read the full interview here.

I am super excited about this game, and can't wait to hear/ see more of it. In fact last night we had a game night over at a friends place and we played Dead Space 1 on this kick ass projector at like 3am in the morning.

Nothing like seeing a Necromorph's limbs splatter, while being projected across a bed room wall.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dead space 2: Sneak Peak

Check out what Issac's new rig can do in this sneak peak at Dead Space 2

Though I'm still warming up to the idea of Dead Space 2 moving more towards an action game and less of the survival horror of the first game, the above clip has me some what intrigued.

I'd like to say that I need to see more of the game before I make up mind whether I'm going to buy it or not, but I'll just be kidding my self. Evil lurking gods know that I'm going to pre-order this son of a bitch as soon as I can.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dead Space 2 Offical interview

The crew from Visceral games take the time out to say a few words on their up coming squeal to my favorite game of all time. All I can ask is PLEASE don't f*ck it up.

As a huge fan of the first game, I just really want an extension of the things that I loved about it. I'd be happy with the same mechanics from the first game, but a whole new world/ area to explore and play through. Kinda like the old Resident Evil games, that kept the core game play pretty much the same for all the installments, but gave you new environments with little game play tweaks here and there.

Another thing I'd like to see is maybe more survivors to interact with or play along side. It would be so cool to fight and hack you're way to some dark, desolate corner to find some guy holding out against the impending doom that is the Necromorphs. It just adds a certain human aspect to the game, especially when you watch said person die horribly because of some stupid mistake you make.

I understand that being on you're own adds a deep sense of dread and despair, but it would be interesting none the less.

Like at some point in Doom3 (My second favorite game of all time) you find this one doctor, who guides you through a few dark levels with his lantern.

"Wanna go on an adventure?"

The area is crawling with demons hiding all over the place, ready to pounce on you and devour your soul, bitch thing is that you can't have your torch out at the same time as you gun.

So you find your self with a twitching trigger finger, huddling close to this guy; cause if you loose're f*cked.

Basically I just hope they don't mess with Dead Space's original formula too much. I've already ranted about this in an earlier post which you can find here, so I'll take a breather now.

There's a Q & A session with Steve Papoutsis who is the executive producer on Dead Space 2 that can be seen here.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dead Space 2: slight rant

I have Dead Space on my mind...

I know that Dead Space 2 is set to release next year, which is a long while away...

But lately I've been looking up a lot of things online about it, and I'm reminded about how excited I was when the first Dead Space came out.

From the first trailer I saw for the first game, I knew I had to play it... and I even went as far as getting my self a new Xbox 360.

My old one had fallen to the red ring of death!@#

Thing is though, I just really hope that Visceral game's doesn't muck Dead Space 2 up...

Issac Clarke in his new rig

Visceral seems to know what I want out of games. The direction they move towards creatively, result in concepts that capture my attention... and a while ago I would have said they were my favorite developers.

But their latest offering Dante's Inferno was a little disappointing.

Hopefully they can get back into the groove with the franchise that set them off in the first place. Already I'm a little skeptic, after reading on IGN how Visceral said that Dead Space 2 will have Modern Warfare like action.

Issac and his new friends

Granted Dead Space one did have some mad action... but I thought of it as more of a survival horror game first and an action game second. The pacing of the first game really did it for me... and the feeling of vulnerability made the game very tense. But if you're ripping through creepy baddies all 'trigger happy' like in Modern Warfare... will it still be survival horror?

What I am looking forward to is exploring more of the Dead Space world. To find out more about what happened to the people that were done in before my chracter got into the mix. Maybe learn more about the Necromorphs and what their all about.

Dead Space also pushed the game innovation envelope a bit too, with an interesting approach to it's HUD display and the whole strategic dismemberment game-play...

The team that worked on Dead Space were also a lot of fun to follow online. The developer diaries and such that they put out, really showed how the game was a massive labor of love for the crew.

Tracy Espeleta enjoying her work

One such developer blog entry can be read over at with a cool write up by Tracy Espeleta (producer) on skinning meat and studying gore.

Hopefully Visceral approaches Dead Space 2 with the same kind of freshness and enthusiasm from the first game... not just treat it as a bloody cash cow to milk again.

Cause I really want to play Dead Space 2... and I want to love it like I love the first one.
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